First week

Posted: August 27, 2010 in ADVENTURE STORIES!, TRAVEL
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I’ve been “across the pond” for a week and haven’t updated… So here you go:

1) I’m having an amazing time! Everyone I talk to makes me want to travel even more. Italy, Sicily, Greece, Israel, Australia, Singapore, Egypt…… I want to go to all these places….. Yesterday.

2) I went to the Edinburgh fringe. I’m kinda mad at my family for “exposing us to the arts” but never bringing us here!!! Even just to visit my aunt in Scotland would have been amazing, but the fringe itself is, hands down, one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.

Definition of “the fringe”:
A collection of musicians, comedians, thespians, street performers, improv and other touring (and/or local) artists that come and perform for 3 weeks (or whatever they can get!) for the masses! Sometimes they get picked up and offered gigs elsewhere in the world, sometimes they just go along their way and wait until next year. There are about 2500 shows that go on and every bar, church, barn, courtyard, stage, cafe gets used. So you get the point…. It’s a big deal. 🙂

I went to see a bunch of “free shows” which, yes, are free, but then they beg for money at the end. The only one that was worth writing about (in this category) was Chemical Poets. A bunch of Scottish rhythm poets delivering (so quickly, I may add, that I would argue they could all get jobs as auctioneers) their pieces to a standing-room-only crowd in a cramped basement of a bar with a half-domed plaster ceiling. There is no doubt that this group will go places!

3) London is great as well. I walked a lot went to church on Sunday (my first mistake was thinking that the travel desk knew what she was talking about and went to Westminster Cathedral…. Alas, she told me it was closed and, running out of time, I stumbled into an Evangelical church.) this was an experience that I don’t really need to have again.

4) aside from that flustercluck, the people are friendly enough, the beer is tasty, the museums are amazing (and free!!!), and it’s really easy to get around. The most surprising things:
A) the sheer amount of advertisements for books. (as opposed to movies/tv like in the states).
B) the lack of kindles, ipads, (lawl. iPhone didn’t know what that word was), and other ebook devices.
C) Every bartender I’ve had the pleasure of receiving brew from has been an Aussie. (Just found this interesting).
D) how people say that the tube is “crazy” and “confusing”…. This is false. If you can get around Boston, or are even semi-good in NYC, you can ride the tube no problem. Note: it’s stupidly expensive, though.
E) you don’t tip waitstaff/bartenders/cab drivers/etc in the UK. This is a good mention worth knowing on day 1….. Not day 4. If you’re trying to blend in, the minute you tip, it’s like a giant neon sign to everyone in a 3-block radius saying “stupid American here —->”
F) I need to drink less…………… My head……….

That’s all I can think of right now. I leave for Paris today!


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