London, Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna

Posted: September 3, 2010 in ADVENTURE STORIES!, TRAVEL
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Ok…. It’s been a while, so here is my trip update so far— its random, so bare with me.

-holy fuck— must live here! This is the hub of the world.
-I would need a new wardrobe first, though.
-Primark saved my life
-fish and chips taste better in Scotland
-everything is expensive! 😦
-metro is stupidly expensive. Oyster card = win.
-little old ladies in guildford are cute.
-Lionhead guys are amazing. ❤ ❤ hands down, the best developer of all time.
-met very random people from Australia, Argentina, Russia, Sicily, etc.
-got my first batch of blisters here 🙂
-walked an average of 7-9k a day with no problems.
-people are nice, once you talk to them. They don't go out of their way to talk to you, though.

-the art that surrounds you is breath-taking.
-all the buildings are of amazing architecture.
-the people are very proud to be French. Very…. To the point where it's downright annoying.
-everyone seems to be well-traveled (or has lived elsewhere and have settled here by choice.)
-their metro (subway) is easy and fun.
-the food is amazing (even though I got sick one day, I still had amazing tasting food.)
-the city is pretty small and definitely walkable. My cousin and I walked from the Arc de Triumph to Luxemburg Gardens (8k) in a few hours.
-getting around the city with someone who speaks/understands French is the way to tackle this city.
-cemeteries are cool. Especially big ones with cool tombs.
-due to labor laws, the lines/cues are redunk. 45 min at the train station, 35 min to pay for groceries. Not to mention that there is also no way to talk to a machine instead of a rude person having a fight with her boyfriend via text behind the counter. I could have done without all this nonsense. No idea how the French buy train tickets, but this was the most inefficient experience I've ever had.

-did you know there is a Christian hostel in the heart of the red-light district? Literally across the street from lovely half-naked ladies is a hostel with a sign on the door saying "no drugs, no alcohol, no dancing, no fun. God loves you!" (exaggerating a little bit). Now you know!
-I rented a bike (really, this is the only way to do the city!)
-I got lost a lot…… The roads curve around and follow canals. It seems easy enough when looking at maps, but with all the people everywhere, it proved to be quite difficult. So I found just getting lost was more fun.
-went to the Van-gogh and Rijks museums.
-went to see "Inception" for the 2nd time. It was really loud and even more awesome than I remembered it. Dutch theaters have an interesting layout, but the crowd still beats Edmonton and some Seattle crowds as far as participation.
-I don't remember eating a whole lot while here, but I did have a really delicious street-hotdog and Spanish food. (yes, I just put those two things into the delicious category. Together!)
-the Dutch, as people, are incredibly nice and patient. I ❤ them! 🙂
-Went on the Heineken Experience and learned how to properly drink Heineken. Something that I practiced a lot after the tour.
-I've met some of the coolest people (other tourists or locals) in Amsterdam. (Serbia, Cuba, America, Dorchester uk, etc) Everyone wants to talk to you and exchange stories, it seems.
-Also learned I don't need a work visa to live/work in Amsterdam for most jobs. 🙂 🙂 🙂

-I've met a lot of really really nice people from all over. (I just realize this is a common thread). My latest (very patient) translator is from Germany.
-met a slew of Australians who are amazing and everyone of them makes me want to stow away and live in Australia for a long time. (got my hair cut from one of them) THANKS KIM! 🙂
-Vienna is amazing. Soooooo beautiful. So much history with every building… Every step you take is like walking back into time.
-there is a lot to do with very little money (except tours, apparently. The city, because it's the 5th most visited city in the world, gets funding from tours— so there are no free tours in Vienna.)
-beer is cheap. Drank lots.
-street food is amazing! Ate lots.
-went to a "pay what you will" Pakistani place. Amazing food for 5€. (well, I paid 7… The average is 5.)
-it's hard to NOT be inspired to write amazing music/literature/poetry when you're sitting in these gardens/buildings…. I can see why so many people came from here.
-haven't eaten chocolate cake….. Yet. Plan on it for breakfast. 🙂

Tomorrow is Berlin! I screwed up big time and made my trip stop 5 days short of Octoberfest! Oh well.

Just realize that I'll need to detox after my trip for at least 2 weeks. :p


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