Posted: September 8, 2010 in ADVENTURE STORIES!, TRAVEL

Went to a Wagner opera. Here is what I think happened:

2nd act…
Fat guy comes back from something traumatic.
Girl in white = Elizabeth
Fat guy (tannahauser?) loves girl
Fat guy asked what love is. Goes into tangent with other men in suits.
They tell him he’s wrong. He tells them he’s met/kissed Venus
That is scandalous or something.
He gets banished to live with pilgrims.
Elisabeth throws a fit and demands fair trial?
He dies….. Or something.

I was kinda close. Here is what my friend Cheryl said:
The first act is of the guy (tannehauser) in venusburg. He falls in love with the goddess. Then he says he wants a mortal life— pleas with Venus. She thinks he’s crazy, but says “ok” and sends him up.

He falls in love with Elizabeth. She loves him too. Every mortal loves Elizabeth. Tannehauser says “no. Mine is pure!” all the men say “orly?!” and he says “yes! I’ve met Venus, so I know love”

Then they go ape shit because this is scandalous and not allowed or something. They tell him to leave and go with the pilgrims to Rome. (they were going to kill Jim, but Elizabeth says to let God decide his fate).

(that’s as far as I got.)

Not too bad for 3€. 🙂


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