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I am a firm believer that our world will be demolished and over-run by brainless zombies (it’s already happening now, to be honest… If you want proof go to http://www.peopleofwalmart.com).

My friend, Autumn, sent me an amazon zombie apocalypse “Listmania” List, which made me go into hysterics. So, ever since, I’ve been finding stuff and adding it to my wishlist. (Thank you Amazon browser button!)

Here is the list so far!

* denotes items I already have.

  • *a zombie-themed bag. (for marketing in the future… Obviously the only way to make money in a post-apocalyptic world is to be the person with all the supplies and then sell said supplies for a huge markup!
  • *bag o bottlecaps. This will be the currency of the new world. (my count so far = $2000+)
  • *filter masks – to keep out the zombie germs. (also to keep out the smell of rotting flesh).
  • *screwdriver set (various sizes… mostly small for glasses/kitchen stuff.)
  • *syphon hose
  • *pack of cards
  • *hand mirror – to see zombies around the corner. And put your contacts in.
  • *head-lamp – a light attached to a elastic band that fits around your head. Great for caving, reading in the dark and running while being able to see in front of you.
  • *first aid kit
  • *Car kit – include flares, bungies, jumper cables, tire iron, poncho, flashlight, space blankets, etc.
  • *50′ rope
  • *bottle of bleach
  • *iodine tablets
  • *energy drinks (x2)
  • *heavy-duty pocket knife
  • *zippo lighter!
  • *Sterno
  • *solar/crank flashlight
  • *solar/crank radio
  • *bowl – for cereal/food/soup/etc.
  • *camel back
  • *flask
  • *toilet paper
  • *long-underware
  • *under-armor shirts
  • *Toothbrush AND floss
  • *Canada jacket – something acceptable down to -40.
  • *Towel – You never leave home without one, anyway… might as well add it to the list.
  • *toe-shoes – Gonna be on our feet a LOT.
  • *a physical list of your “safe-house” addresses.
  • *current atlas with good maps
  • *crowbar
  • *Zap-Straps/Zip Ties
  • Utensils –  (can be attached via keyring)
  • Metal cup –  (with clip) big enough for a can of sterno to sit in it.
  • *Maxi-pads – (good for wounds)
  • *Can opener – as light-weight as you can get.
  • Light sticks -The kind that blend.
  • Duct Tape – I’m ashamed to announce that with my last move, it took up all my duct tape and I haven’t bought more yet. Usually I don’t leave the house without it.
  • Kindle with all survival, medical, farming, mechanics, hunting books/guides on it. (by the time the battery runs out, you’ll find a library…. remember those?)
  • *Bed Roll
  • Maps (analogue) of the area that you are in. Know where the nearest redneck walmart is so you can get lots of ammo!
  • Machete – I don’t plan on getting a gun before z-day (too much hassle registering it in places). But machetes are just as good to get me from point A to point B.
  • Crisco (or lard)– you can cook with it, put it on your body for rash-prevention, and it helps you be slippery when zombies are trying to grab at you!
  • Sleeping bag -acceptable in snow/extreme cold.
  • 2-person tent – incase you meet that special someone-someone who doesn’t want you for your brains……..
  • Sabercut Saw- (search on amazon).
  • Swat Vest – or fisherman’s vest… something with a LOT of pockets)
  • NightVision Goggles
  • MREs
  • FireSteel
  • Twine- like a clothes line.
  • multi-tool (something with pliers, saw, scissors, pick, knives, etc)
  • binoculars (light weight)
  • Lifesaver Bottle 6000 ultra Filtration water bottle. (check it out)

Let me know what I’m missing!

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