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Posted: February 8, 2012 in TRAVEL
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I’m planning a “Round the world” trip. 35 countries (possibly more?) 6 continents, 13 months. phew!

Things that I didn’t think I would have to spend so much time researching/figuring out:
1) vaccines! (there are a lot.)
2) visas! (getting from this place to another place… How many times you re-enter the country. Can I get the visa there or do I have to buy it in advance? Some countries will allow/encourage you to “bribe” the customs officials– saving you hundreds! oh. the research!)
3) where to stay? (what cities? where in the city?)
4) how to get from point A to point B? (walk? Bus? Train? Fly? Ferry?)
5) I’m going to be gone for a while….. Do I need to keep any of my stuff? (planning on selling my bed, giving my computer to my dad’s company, selling all my consoles/games, purging all clothes that I won’t care about in a year).
6) money money money……

Realistically, the trip (so far) will only be about 20K (including travel/lodging/food/etc.) If I can work along the way, bonus!

I think of that number….. 20k….. I’m pretty sure I have spent that just in taxes for several years. :-\

Things I’m looking forward to:
1) experiencing new things! (CULTURE SHOCK!!! YES!)
2) meeting new people!
3) learning something in new languages
4) hearing crazy stories (and creating some of my own)
5) eating amazing food. (omg…food!)
6) seeing crazy wildlife….. in the wild! 🙂
7) running a marathon in every continent. (I haven’t even ran one yet— so we’ll see how this goes).
8) Finding answers. (hopefully this will happen).


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