50K miles

Posted: February 13, 2012 in TRAVEL

My car is quickly approaching the 100K mark and I began to think “what is 100,000 miles? How far is that?”

I’ve driven across the states multiple times in the past decade. (12 to be exact). But that’s (only) 4500 miles or something.

If you were a bird and flew around the world— that’s about 29,000 miles. (give or take)

The trip (so far) we plan on taking later this year will go from:
Seattle – ohio – baltimore. (stay in baltimore for a bit/collect money/etc.) ohio.
(fly) Ohio to Belize
Through Central America (train/bus/whatever)
-El Salvador
-Costa Rica
Through the east coast of S. America
(fly) Brazil to Cape Town, South Africa (east coast of Africa)
(fly) Kenya to Istanbul, Turkey
(fly) istanbul to Moscow
Trans-Siberian Rail road (moscow to Beijing)
-through china to Hong Kong
(fly) Singapore to Sydney
-up the east coast of Australia to Cairnes
(fly) Cairnes to Auckland
(fly) Auckland to Queenstown
(fly) Queenstown to Tonga
(fly) Tonga to Fiji
(fly) Fiji to LAX
LAX – home.

Basically… that is 50K. If I did it twice, that would be my car’s life 🙂

(I really hope this cures my wanderlust. The only thing after this would be… what? The moon? That’s only 238,857 miles….)


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