Best Places for an apocalypse (list)

Posted: February 19, 2012 in TRAVEL, Z0mB!eZ
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A lot of people ask me “sooooo. what are your plans during the zombie apocalypse? Where are you going to go? What is in your kit?” etc. The kit is published here–but the places I haven’t really tackled/explored yet.


So here is a general list of things I will be looking for when I visit each place:

  1. Location! (Mostly weather stuff. What are the wind patterns? What natural disasters are there? How stable is the land?) etc.
  2. Water-  (drinkable and useability for escape)
  3. Lodging– (Are there good trees for tree-houses?)
  4. Food– (What is the hunting/gathering like? If I ever learned how to plant/grow things, could I?)
  5. Costco equivalent– are there big gun/super stores around? (in the states we have no problems– but in other parts of the world this may be rare).
  6. Non-dead Dangers – (mosquitoes! Malaria, yellow fever, etc. All these things could be dangerous and you want to avoid while shooting zombies/surviving.)
  7. Locals – (Say you survive the apocalypse, what are the neighbors like? What is their culture like? What is the music like? the bars? etc.) 


What am I missing?


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