Brick! (LA) Crossfit

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Ex-er...size?, TRAVEL
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I’m staying in a hostel in West Hollywood. The hostel is AMAZING—but they have mixed-dorm rooms. (something I haven’t done since Vienna). At first I thought this was awesome. (The room was filled with a bunch of really hot australians!) Who doesn’t love hot men who have sexy accents?

I woke up at 2am to a knock on the door from a roommate who forgot their key.

Then I woke up at 3:30am to another roommate bringing a girl home.

Then was kept up… yea. anyway!

Woke up at 7am and decided I was going to go workout! The Brick (crossfit gym) was right down the street, so I got up/dressed and went walking (in the rain).

The box is super secret/hidden. If I didn’t see other people in knee-socks walking towards it, I would have missed it entirely–but once I was in there, the smell of hardwork and effort overtook me and I was home again.

I originally signed up for the crossfit class, but someone I was talking to convinced me to go early and attend the “Speed-X” class.

Apparently Speed-X was created at this gym and is like crossfit—but a bunch of aerobic exercises (instead of a mix of weight-lifting and aerobic).

So today, my WOD was the following:
6 rounds of 4min amrap.
1a) 5 traveling wallball
1b) 20sec pullup hold

2a) 10 cal row
2b) 10 55lb kb swings

3a) 20 overhead weight lunge (55lbs)
3b) run 150m

4a) 5 hurdle jumps
4b) 30 single-unders

5a) 10 toes-through-rings
5b) 10 24″ box jumps

6a) tire flips down
6b) tire roll back.

phew! 🙂 I worked hard– and it felt amazing.


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