City of Angels crossfit

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Ex-er...size?, TRAVEL

CFCOA is located off of Melrose and Vermont in La. Easy enough to find and get to via bus! So far: win!

I walk in and Pete (the owner) greets me. I’m early so we chat, I get a t-shirt, talk about the open. Then the rest of the class gets in and we get started with class.

Today was sprints!

7 rounds of partner sprints.
For 1:30, you and a partner sprint the length of the box, then we get to rest for 30 seconds.

Phew! I have to admit, this helped my cardio, but also my coordination. I tried to keep my core as tight as possible so I could keep my balance.

This morning I woke up with really sore abs, so something worked!

The rest of the workout was spent “working on stuff we suck at”.

I worked on unassisted pull-ups. Pete had me try them with tape (something I’ve never done). I may be a convert.

Because the class was small, I got great 1:1 time and a TON of tips on how to improve my kip/pull-up! Now to put it into practice!



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