Crossfit LA

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Ex-er...size?, TRAVEL

My recording session was in Santa Monica today, so I decided to walk to CFLA for an evening workout.

The map said it was only 4 miles from where I was. No problem! It’s sunny! I have some time!

I got there and assessed the damage to my feet. 3 oozing blisters and 4 new ones on my soles.

I got there early and taped up my feet, shook the hand of Andy (the owner) and stretched a lot and checked out the torture menu:

5 rounds of
1 min AMRap overhead squats. (53lbs)
2 min rest.

Then 1 mile run (for time)

The warmup was a 1mile run, btw. (Did I mention my 7 blisters?)

I ended up doing 150 squats, ran 2 miles, walked 2 miles in the morning, 4 in the evening.

CFLA was a huge class and I felt overwhelmed by the amount of people who have been working out there for 3+ years! I befriended 2 pregnant ladies who were ready to pop but still kicking my ass!

I hurt everywhere. 🙂



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