Getty’s museum (zombie survival place)

Posted: May 29, 2012 in TRAVEL, Z0mB!eZ
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I went to the Getty’s museum yesterday. The whole place was up on a mountain and seemed to float above the city on a cloud. It was discussed often that day that “this would be a good place for the zombie apocalypse”… I’m still skeptical, but I decided to put my check list to good use!

  • Location!
    The weather is amazing here. Sunscreen is necessary, but overall, you can’t beat 72 degrees 300 days out of the year.LA does get earthquakes, but the Getty’s was built with this in mind.
  • Water-
    The proximity to the pacific ocean also makes this location pretty appealing.
  • Lodging
    The Getty’s itself doesn’t have beds or anything, but the building is pretty awesomely fortified and stable. Bedding/home amenities could (semi) easily be brought in.
  • Food
    you could easily grow fruit and veggies here. Tons of light– maybe limited water, though. (It is a desert!)
  • Costco equivalent

There are a lot of super stores around the La area- you’d just need to drive. Luckily that during the zombie apocalypse it’s encouraged to have road rage and there won’t be any traffic. (Possibly abandoned cars, though.)

  • Non-dead Dangers

I didn’t see a single mosquito here. The worst thing is the heat and smog.

  • Locals

LA has a lot of culture. Music, theater, movies, art (of all types).

There is a “LA scene” that is quite different than any other place I’ve ever lived/been to. A lot of stereotypes are true, but the diamonds in the rough make it all worth while.

Overall, I would rate The Getty’s to be (on a scale of 1-10) a 8.5 as far as zombie apocalypse preferred locations.


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