Juneau, Alaska (zombie survival place)

Posted: July 15, 2012 in ADVENTURE STORIES!, TRAVEL, Z0mB!eZ
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Juneau is an old Indian phrase for “amazingly beautiful” (ok, I made that up). But it is! Probably all of Alaska is, but I only visited Juneau.

I went for a 2 day weekend, which is no where near long enough to spend immersed in nature.

I will note that I went there during the solstice, so the sun went down, but it never really got dark. I think it was darkest around 3:15am.

The amount of nature was also amazing! There was a point when my friend and I were kayaking and saw a bald eagle swimming (we suspected there was something wrong with him, actually) meanwhile, a seal popped his head up out of the water and looked around on the side of our kayak!

I was natured out by this point.

“Enough about this… LN! I want to know if Alaska is a fit location for the zombie apocalypse!”

Alrighty then… We’ll get started.

The weather in Juneau is very similar to Seattle. It was (thankfully) sunny when I was there, but apparently it’s dark/rainy/gloomy most of the time. During the summer it can get warm (upper 80s) but this is rare. It’s usually pretty mild in the summer (high of 50) and during the winter it gets pretty cold (-20F). They are pretty protected by mountains and water for any big gusts to come through, but Juneau does have a glacier that causes some crazy weather patterns.

“Due to a jokulhlaup (glacial outburst flood) I hardly worked at all today & might not work at all tomorrow. So I make no money, but I have time off. River’s up like 6 ft.” -Kit

There is water all around, and most of it is ice/glacier/fresh water, so it is drinkable- however sanitation is necessary, obviously. As far as escaping, the city is in an enclave (read:no crazy tide) that makes it easy for cruise ships to get in/out, which means other modes would work just fine, too.

Juneau is a mining and logging community so there are no shortage of natural resources. Trees of all sizes and tools to manipulate them are a plenty here. The buildings are able to (if there is electricity) withstand all kinds of climates and elemental surprises.

there is also a ton of wild animals! Like I said before, bald eagles (not good for eating) moose (ok for eating) salmon (ommnommnomm) are also prevalent. The down side is farming/gathering.
Citrus doesn’t grow here easily, and a lot of stuff is shipped in.

There were walmarts and gun stores, but again, a lot of things need to be shipped in from the states/somewhere else. Juneau is also a small town of 30,000 so supplies are limited, but so is the inevitable zombie population.

Non-dead dangers:
The mosquitos were just like teenage boys. They could smell fresh young blood and attacked it with a purpose! Make sure to pack deet!

Beach parties and guitar music were pretty common during my visit. Not a ton of culture, but great company.


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