Zombies! Run!

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Z0mB!eZ
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It’s been a very long time since I’ve found a game that made me do things I didn’t want to do (run) AND cry because I’ve gotten so emotionally invested with the characters… But “Zombies! Run!” did all that and more.

I bought this app by suggestion because I was looking for more zombie games. This one stuck around because it accompanied me while I ran.

The premise of the game is that the zombie apocalypse has happened and you are found among a bunch of wreckage. You soon become a “runner”. A person used by the town to run and get things (materials, people, deliveries, etc) between the township and the outside world– all without being eaten by zombies.

Not only is it a British game (meaning all the VO is lovely to listen to) but it’s also done really well! Too well! The characters are so rich and diverse that you get really attached to them.

In between “com announcements”, they will tell you to run somewhere (“over to that far tower!) and then the app plays music (from your playlists).

The story unfolds as you keep doing more and more missions and helping out the town until you’re completely hooked!

I actually finished the game-part (there is a ton of radio-mode aspects that I haven’t gotten through yet) on the subway (read: you don’t actually have to run, but it kinda defeats the immersion part of the game).

Anyway- if you’re looking for an amazing game to play in the background while you’re running, I can’t suggest this one enough.

zombies! run! website


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