Hope, fear, love

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Hope, TRAVEL
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I have 38 days until I leave. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. (nervited? exitous?)

I spoke with my grandparents a while back. They are 92 and 89. (Old). They are the sweet grandparents that will tell you to sit down when you arrive at 10pm on a Friday night while they scold you over being too skinny and insist on making you something to eat. 4-course meal later, you’re full and tired and ready for bed.


My grandparents are amazing, however they traveled a long time ago and, unfortunately, the only thing they know about the world now is what they hear on the news (which is never good). So– in hopes to change that, I’m adding a “HOPE” category of good stories from various places that I will be going.


For example: I’m currently in Troy, Ohio (the town where I grew up). Here there are a lot of bright and educated people who love the arts, love music, love communication, love helping each other. Here is a town full of people who only want to stop, talk, hear your story and cheer you on. I have yet to come across someone who looks at my travels and says “well, that’s silly! Why would you do that?”


Another example:

A girl that I went to High School with got her degree in music education. She got married and has recently had a baby. Instead of being a band director she is a stay-at-home mom, but she also teaches sometimes at the local University. She has also started a home-school-band. (Band for home-schoolers).

How wonderful! People of a community figuring out that there is a need (opportunity) for things to bring more people together and show off their potential and ACTUALLY MAKING IT HAPPEN!


Of course, we could always focus on the bad, but what fun is that? Who wants to hear about that? Guh. I’d rather have my eyes plucked out by sporks.

So now you tell me some good stories that are going on in your community! 🙂 I’m sure they aren’t hard to list out.


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