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Posted: September 26, 2012 in ADVENTURE STORIES!, TRAVEL
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My friend Suzanne and I went to Italy recently. This isn’t part of my RTW trip– more of a recon mission to

a) see if all my international devices worked

b) carb-up on delicious food before I left to eat who-knows-what for a year+.

c) hang out with Suzanne one last time before I left.

It was a huge success! 🙂 Here are some of the highlights:

The first night we get into Monterossa (part of the Cinque Terre). She had been there before and found us a nice room with a fridge and! STOCKED WITH PROSECCO! *score*

We pop open the bottle and proceed to drink, uh.. a lot. I can’t remember how many bottles we had but it was a lot. After visiting with her friend (who helped us with the room) we went skinny dipping in the Mediterranean. 😀

*ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: went skinny dipping in the mediterranean*


The other highlight (besides all the amazing food and culture and life and being on “italian time” (which is WAY different than American time) was in Rome. Suzanne and I were trying to find a club. We ventured out and found a bar with free wifi and, of course, prosecco. We ordered a bottle and got our bearings. Ordered a cab and went to the club district. The cab-ride over there was amazing! Every turn was a famous statue followed by ancient ruins followed by a beautiful church and then BAM! HELLO COLOSSEUM! Absolutely stunning. (especially in the dark). The cab driver dropped us off and we picked a random club (called Alibi).

It was, apparently, gay-night that night. Not that we noticed or cared. We danced our butts off until about 5:30am and got back to our room right in time to have a delicious pastry and cappicino and watched the sunrise. Just in time to go to bed. Image

Overall- I love and miss Italy greatly. I will return someday… soon.


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