Posted: November 18, 2012 in TRAVEL
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In Belize, I was told that once you know how to make tortillas, you are ready to marry.

(Fun fact, most couples don’t marry in Belize. They have kids and a family– but a marriage certificate/ceremony means nothing.)

This is also a staple in our diet down here. I think I had tortillas with every meal- including snacks. Before I left, I made a dozen– because (as Brooks said) “Tortillas save lives!” and she’s right. You never know when you’ll get hungry or meet a cute boy that you want to share your lunch with along the way. 😉

With that said- I learned how to make tortillas. Here are the steps– in LN-ize.

Step 1: pour a crap ton of flour on a big wooden surface. shake the wooden surface/bowl so the flour lays flat.

step 2: lightly sprinkle baking powder so it reaches all the edges.
Step 3: add salt– to your liking. i like mine a little saltier– but some people only add a pinch. I add about 4 pinches.

step 4: add a TINY bit of oil…. just drizzle it… the consistency should be (when you mix it with the flour) crumbly– but not ball-forming.

step 5: start adding water and working it into dough.

(it’ll be sticky… keep adding water until you get a ball that is “elasticy”. I tend to think “if i can make a swan- it’s good to go”)

Step 6: start kneeding. just turn on music and kneed. you’ll be kneeding for about 10-15 min.

Step 7: Once you’re done, make little balls. I do this the Brooks’ way by pinching off a ball and rolling it.

Step 8: After you’re done, cover it with a shirt and let sit for about 10-15 min.

Step 9: turn on a pan over high-heat. Let it heat up a bit.

Step 10: Roll out the balls with a rolling pin/beer bottle.

Step 11: take the tortilla and put into the hot pan.

Like a pancake, it’ll get bubbles on the top and not stick to the bottom of the pan. When this happens, flip it using a chop-stick or whatever.

Step 12: take it out of the pan- and rinse and repeat! 🙂

(note: the rolling/cooking process goes really quickly once it gets going!)

  1. Grammy Tami says:

    In the U.S. marriage licenses were brought about in the 1920’s so that they could keep the blacks from marrying the whites. Most people were married in Holy Matrimony (which was how it’s been done for thousands of years). They’re ‘married’, they just didn’t ask permission from the government. – My mom used to make home made tortillas all the time. They’re so much better fresh!!

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