Crossfit 506 (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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I stumbled (literally… my legs were really sore) into crossfit506 expecting to see barely anyone there (Ticos like to party and this being Saturday morning I just…well, ok. I assumed!)

I should know better. Even when I am beyond hungover I still show up to my Saturday morning wods fully expecting to throw up and sandbag it.

Not these guys. Well, they came, but no sandbagging happened. I’m also not really sure any of them were hungover. The whole class (of 22!) looked badass! Almost everyone came and was ready and practicing lifts/strength training before the WOD/warmup started.

The wod started right on time and the warmup was– well, WARM! It was already 80 degrees outside (26C) by the time we started. After a good 30 minute warmup (lots of people and not a lot of room to manuever) the WOD was explained to us and we got setup.





cal row

*100m farmer walk in between rounds. (53/95)

(my time was 18:08)

It was actually really amazing to work out with that many people all at once! I think the most I’ve ever WOD’d with was 18. This was 22+. It was pretty impressive to see the range of skill in the gym as well!


I didn’t really feel like I had a hellacious workout until after I got back to my hostel, sat down for an hour and then tried to get up. I hurt.

Good job, guys! It was a pleasure.


*note: remember what I said about waivers before? I lied. Crossfit506 made me sign one. Darn. I was hoping it was a Central American thing.


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