Dragaos Crossfit – Panama City

Posted: January 26, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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Dragaos Crossfit was an experience an a half.

Jamie focuses a lot on core strength and developing the core. His box is relatively new but he has quite a following already. 3 other guys showed up during the wod and worked out with me at 4pm in the afternoon.

By the way, this is the WORST time to work out in Panama City, because it’s SWELTERING! The humidity is actually worse than the heat itself (35C). I’m not one that removes clothing during a wod (I usually try to keep it on so I can sweat more!) but I had to take off my shirt after the warmup. (Fun fact: My shirt actually made a sweat-stain on the ground….. eww.)

The work out was pretty brutal (In a great way)- nothing overly complicated or show-offy. At the end of it, I felt done. Like I just did something amazing (aside from finding the place—which did take a bit of patience…. Call/Facebook message in advanced so you can ask for directions.) But I felt like I accomplished something great.

When I first showed up, Jamie asked if I could do a muscle up. I kinda giggled at him because, dude… how many girls do YOU know who can do muscle ups? (I don’t know that many). He showed me some exercises before we started on modified progressions.


-doing knees-to-elbow (not after a wod, mind you) and bowing your knees out (like you are jumping on a box) and getting your ass as high as possible is a good exercise for muscle ups.

-putting the balls of your feet flat on a box while you are hanging on the rings and working on the “worm” from that position is also great practice.

(Of course, you need to work on just getting your hips up in the first place… This just takes a few weeks of constant practice.)

Either which way- I greatly appreciated the extra attention and professional tips from Jaime at Dragao. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is traveling through Panama City.


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