Madbox Crossfit, Panama City

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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After a weekend of getting Scuba (open water) certified, I spent one last day in Panama City before my flight took off for Colombia. With this extra day, most people would relax or enjoy a nap. Not this girl.

I walked from my hostel the 5K to CF Madbox which is located in a shopping center and predominately advertised/displayed. (read: It was easy to find!) I walked through the parking garage and heard the music pumping and knew that it was going to be a great workout.

Liam and Ralphy were very helpful. Both in the wod and helping me achieve my personal goals (muscle ups and handstand walks). The WOD included toes to bar, which I’ve always sucked at- but Ralphy taught me some new tricks that will help me in that department. (YAY!)

The box is relatively new, but they are kicking ass and taking names and already have another location opening up. The class was 8 people, 3 being brand new to crossfit. The attention towards the newcomers was refreshing and made me feel good about my coaches.

3-2-1-go! was said and we were off. I never once felt like I was neglected or forgotten. I was one of the family just like they were one of me. Always a nice feeling when you’re traveling! 🙂

21 box jumps
15 Push-Jerks
9 toes to bar.
5 rounds for time.

At the end of it, I felt tired, worn out, but Ralphy pulled me aside and showed me some tips on how to build upper body strength (for toes to bar/pullups/muscle ups/etc.) And then Liam taught me some ways to work on my handstand hold. (Not that I was doing anything else that day after that wod…)


Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Madbox and I hope to see those guys again someday.


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