Crossfit Origen, Medellin, Colombia

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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Crossfit Origen (MDE) just moved a week before I showed up (check out their facebook for the new directions)! Apparently they used to be in a plaza-area where they would work out and passer-bys could watch the wods (talk about intimidating! NO RESTING!). But now they are in a house that used to be owned by a fuen-sheui teacher. The architecture of the house is pretty remarkable and it also has a pool in the back and will be able to host kick-ass bbqs once they are all set up. They are constructing the “adult” box outside and the “crossfit kids” will be inside.

Personally, this is, hands-down, my favorite box location I’ve been to in my “career” of crossfit. I’ve always felt like Crossfit was my second home, and being here, it actually is A HOME. So I instantly felt welcome. They say that once a Colombian invites you into their home, you are family. I felt this way once I stepped foot into Origen.

Aside from the location the other coaches and athletes were above and beyond kind and welcoming- reinforcing the “I feel like I’m family” feeling.

With this said- let’s get to the wod! I liked this place so much that I worked out twice here. Since they didn’t have a lot of rigs up (again, they had just moved a week ago) a lot of the wods were based on weight-plates or med-balls (the small things that they had room for/could easily haul out of storage).

Hey! You can do crossfit anywhere, right? Here is your proof!

The first WOD was

200 stepups (100 each leg)


kettle-bell swings (with a plate)

Rows (pulling the plate to your chest)

Over-shoulders (swinging the plate from your torso to each shoulder)


200 stepups. (100 each leg)

The worst part of this was the step-ups—which in the humidity made me a sweaty mess. (this is a common theme in the tropics for me, apparently.)

The 2nd day was a bunch of tabata-like gymnastic moves.

Crabs, grasshoppers, lat-moves, boxing punches, rowing, running with a med-ball, etc.

I also love any box that can teach me new ways to master a skill that I don’t quite have down yet (like my stupid muscle-up). Both coaches were really patient and showed me a lot of new ways/new tricks on how to force my hips/kip up.

If you are looking to train or have a great time in an amazing environment, please check out Crossfit Origen! They’ve been around for 3 years and have a bunch of great coaches that will help you with whatever athletic goal you wish to achieve.


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