LivePrimitive Crossfit, Bogota, Colombia

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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Live Primitive Crossfit has 3 gyms throughout Colombia. Their main one is in Bogota but they have 2 more in Medellin and Cali.

It’s located in a house. The “workout rooms” are split between the “garage” and the “living room”. The upstairs is where the coaches live and downstairs is a kitchen where there are constantly protein shakes being made with the blender. When I first walked in, I thought I was on a “big brother” of crossfit reality tv shows. “But in this season, no one gets kicked off. Instead PRs are made!”

Live Primitive have classes every 30 minutes in the morning and evenings. And because of this, their 85-95 monthly members have the advantage of smaller class sizes (2-9 people, depending on what time you go). Friday is also “Open Gym” where you can go for as long as you want and do whatever WOD you desire. Also, something rare, they have classes on Sunday. A lot of the members call this “hangover sunday wod” since the party mentality of Colombia can rival most college-frat parties.

The WODs are all about 5-15 minutes- which makes it possible to have 30 minute classes.


If you’re in the area and you want to see people who (literally) eat, sleep and breathe crossfit, go meet the gang from Live Primitive, Bogota.


  1. […] 1) He has special training class for aspiring coaches. Essentially, after you get your level 1 cert (1 weekend, 16 hours, 1000$USD) you are “certified to teach crossfit”. But anyone who has been to a GREAT crossfit vs a BAD one know that the coaches need to have more experience than just this weekend class. The things you need to know and see are athlete’s bodies. How they move, how they respond to cues, etc. Basically- you need experience. And that level 1 cert doesn’t give you that. Troy figured this out early and has an amazing solution to the problem that doesn’t involve unpaid internships. […]

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