474 Crossfit, Bogota Colombia

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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Crossfit 474 has been in business for a few years with the main head-coach (Maria) teaching there for about 6 months. They have a booming community (my class was about 15) and keep it up with 100-day burpee challenges.

Since Bogota real estate is difficult to come by, this box is “make-shift” but feels like a place to come and -kill yourself- workout regularly. With astro turf in the front, pull-up rigs on various walls, a room dedicated to equipment and the entire upstairs full of rowers, this box is open and warm feeling.

The hour long class I attended, located north of the city near 127th and 8th, took advantage of running around the busy block among pedestrians and other shoppers, which I LOVE! Making the lazy look at me twice as I pant (again- we’re really high up in altitude).

The Wod was difficult enough: 4 rounds of 10 wall-ball-burpees, 20 Kbs, 400m run. (the thin air does me in every time here!) but then she added a “50 weighted Situps” at the end!!!

Tricksy coaches! 🙂

Being within walking distance to a main mall (one of Colombia’s first, apparently!) I decided to walk the 55 blocks to the mall before the Wod. This was a great idea, as I got to see parts of the city I hadn’t seen before. I did opt for the 3.50$ taxi home post-workout, though.

If you want a great coach, location and fun work-out buddies- I highly recommend 474 Crossfit in Bogota.


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