Crossfit Quito, Quito, Ecuador

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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Crossfit Quito has a new (airplane-hanger size!!!) location that I had the privilege of walking into!

After walking the 7k to their box (I love killing myself BEFORE a Wod…) my slightly sunburnt self got down into stretches and a light warm up that made me sweat just listening to the explanation.

The Wod “is a short one. That’s why she is spending a lot of time on warming up!”(the guy next to me…) was “emotm 12 min: 10 kbs (35), 5 burpees.”

I warned her that I may, actually, throw up.

She spent a great deal of time explaining the proper lifting techniques of the kettle-bell, which was great for review and made me more confident during the Wod. I should note that this was the first time that this much detail has been given to me since fundamentals and I couldn’t love it enough.

The class was taught by Michele (the sister of Eric Pinto) I was also told that I need to return tomorrow morning to check out the games! (They are having an internal competition in prep for the open. I love community like this!)

Anyway, if you’re ever in Quito- or you want to train at the highest affiliate in the world, check out Crossfit Quito. I honestly can’t wait to get to sea-level again and try to run a 5k and see how many minutes are shaved off- just because of oxygen! I recommend everyone/anyone to train at higher/different altitudes, even for just a little bit.


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