Rona G (Reebok) Crossfit, Bogota, Colombia

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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I had been eyeing Rona G reebok Crossfit for a little while as it was on the path home from down town Bogota. I finally decided to walk in on my last day in Bogota which was my first mistake. I should have stopped in sooner!

The box is located in an old house. With room upon room dedicated to different exercises : rowing room, weight room, rack-porch, met-con rooms- upstairs are rentable offices and showers/changing rooms.  Rob, the coach, welcomed me “home” when I introduced myself, and I felt this was accurate.

Since his box is new (4-5 months as of writing this) the afternoon classes are bigger and the morning classes are (currently) more for people looking for more of a 1:1 time with the coach to improve their athleticism and/or goals.

With that said, I got a TON of attention during the strength-skill part of the Wod (emotm: squat cleans) which really made my form improve.

The Wod was a chipper of 4 rounds: 200m farmer walk (35lb kb in each hand), 15 wall all, 15 pullups.

It was at this point where I FINALLY felt like my ass wasn’t kicked by the altitude! Of course it had to happen on my last day…

If you’re ever in the Bogota area (calle 68 and car 6th) Please go check out Rona G (reebok) Crossfit and pick Rob’s brain on your Oly Lifts.


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