Crossfit Fuse (Redmond, WA)

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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I joined Crossfit Fuse back in November, 2011– right when they first opened. I was a member there for 6+ months and they quickly became my family. (not even my 2nd family… my real family.)

It was the place that I went to hang out after I had a bad day at work. It was a place where “challenges” from the other members were hurled at me and bets were made. It was a place where I became the fittest I’ve ever been in my entire life and I was HAPPY (despite all the shitty seattle weather that ALWAYS hits me– no matter what I do). Apparently, “Doing crossfit at Fuse” was the key that I was missing.

Because this box is near and dear to my heart, this whole thing will be biased– however, I’ll try to be as accurate as possible.

1) The box is HUGE. It’s a little difficult to find (near Marymoor park– check their website for directions) but once you turn the corner, you’ll see a huge tire that says “FUSE” on it- and you’ll know you’re in the right place. You’ll probably also see some poor schmucks (read: you later) running with med-balls in the parking lot.

2) Troy is an amazing coach who is always up for trying new things and making his athletes the best at whatever they want to be good at. He’s been training/coaching for YEARS… possibly DECADES and his advice varies from “here’s how to do it” to “just try this… get good at this.” He also has a plethora of friends from other boxes that randomly come in to train/throw down with us which is also helpful and awesome.

3) There is a huge projector hooked up so we watched the games while doing a WOD. I fondly remember (the worst WOD ever) was something like “Helen”– then followed by a “cool down” of “row 2K, do burpees every 90 seconds”. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!) Some of the wods left me wanting to kill Troy– if only I had the energy to crawl over there to do it. Most of the time, I just gathered up my stuff and came back the next day to get my ass handed to me again.

4) There is a PR/Brag board and a “monthly challenge” board. The monthly challenge is something like “do 500 burpees” or “do 1000 double-unders”. You could do them all in 1 day, or you could break it up– but either which way, it was something that was supposed to get you better at a specific skill (or made you hate it less). It was extra credit and, of course, it was all made public- so you were always mentally challenging yourself to be better than Bob or Joe or whoever.

5) Fuse also really loves their facebook account, which I’ve been following even though I no longer live in Seattle. They post the board (after a WOD) with a few shout-outs to the best performers of the day. They will occasionally throw up some helpful tips/great reading material or specials that are going on. Again, this may be my bias-ness, but out of all the Facebook Crossfit posts that I see, Fuse is my favorite.

My favorite wod was the 12-days of Christmas wod– where you did:

1 broad jump
2 burpees
3 10lb slam balls
4 pushups
5 pullups
6 lunge-w-twist
7 dips
8 everett mountain climbers
9 situps
10 kb swings (35lbs for women)
11 goblet squats (35lbs for women)
12(00) meter row.

I miss and love these guys and I highly recommend them to anyone who is going to be visiting the Seattle Area.

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