Crossfit Hawthorne East (Hawthorne East, Melbourne, Australia)

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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When I first walked into Hawthorne East, I instantly felt like I was welcome into a family. I was greeted by Leasa (A trainer, but that night she worked out with us) and she introduced me to the coach of the evening, Dez. After being introduced around the class of 10, we stretched a little, did our warm up and then got into the work out.


I always learn something new at every gym- and Hawthorne East was no exception. Today we did cleans with a kettle-bell. The hardest thing isn’t getting the bell overhead, but rolling your wrist in such a way so you don’t wack your fore-arm. We practiced and increased our weight gradually for about 20 minutes which was perfect for a skill-practice.


The best part was that the skill directly related to the WOD. We then did 6 rounds of 30m overhead walking lunge (with the kettle-bell), 7 over-box jumps, 9 kettle-bell swings, and 15 situps. A nice met-con that leaves your body kinda hurting but feeling great!


The biggest thing that I wanted to mention about Hawthorne East is their ever-growing community. A lot of people think of a gym as a place that you just go to stay fit, but the community is what makes people (especially me) stay. Feeling like you have a place that is a second home and people that will look after you- and vice-versa.


If you are looking for excellent coaches, a huge space, a new gym with great prices and having a family— go visit Hawthorne East.


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