Crossfit Moorabbin (Melbourne, Australia)

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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I went to a lunch wod at Moorabbin where I was joined by 3 other people in their gigantic box. They have been open for about a year, have 100+ monthly members, but a load of classes where their athletes get personal time from the trainers (Kyle and Matt)  to work on their goals (which are all posted on the wall, IN SHARPIE, for everyone to see!)

The skill part of the wod was pretty interesting: Weighted pushups. I’ve done banded pushups before (which is where you have a band go across your back and it’s part of resistance training) but weighted pushups is where you place a weighted plate on your back and do pushups. It actually forced me to “not peel” when I do pushups. (Basically, without realizing it, I’ve been “sealing” or “cobra-ing” when I come up from the ground. Doing this exercise (even with a 5kg plate) forced me to keep my whole core/body tight.

After that we did an amrap of burpees and wall-climbs.

Dear GAWD! I HATE WALL CLIMBS. I swear this is a form of torture. If it isn’t, it should be introduced as one because I’m pretty sure water-boarding is less painful.

After resting for 3 minutes we then did interval running. Since I’m training for a marathon in August, this was awesome to just see what my “over-all average 400m run” is.

For those interested:

  • Run 400 meters. mark down your time.
  • Rest for timeX2.
  • Run 400 meters. mark down your time.
  • Rest for time2.
  • Run 400 meters. mark down your time.
  • Rest for half your time3.
  • Run 400 meters.

There are all sorts of different combinations and extensions of this to make it “moooore fun” (see what I did there?), but this was at the end of a WOD.

The added benefit to Crossfit Moorabbin is the location and how close it is to the Moorabbin Farmer’s Market- Where you can get produce FOR THE CHEAP! (Which is something that my life was missing until now.)

Another thing I wanted to point out (because I think it’s effin’ cool!) is “mommy crossfit classes”. Specifically designed for mothers who can bring their kids in (and receive free kid-care) to get rid of their baby-fat! I’m new to this area, but that seems like it would work no matter where you are!

You can check out their well documented testimonials here if you’re interested. Moorabbin seems to have a great community who encourage each other and have a lot of fun.


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