Crossfit Dungeon (Cairns, Queensland, Australia)

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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Oh man. What to say about Crossfit Dungeon…. Here is some good advice:

  1. If you are training as an athlete– and you want to be BETTER AT LIFE, go here.
  2. be prepared– it’s hot (and humid!) there.
  3. Sometimes, when traveling, I feel the urge to workout/do something BEFORE going to a box. Just because I feel like I can… You don’t need to do that here. Lay at the lagoon, enjoy the sun, go for a (light) walk in the botanical gardens, swim, eat at the paleo cafe… then show up. No need to run a 15K before the wod like this idiot did.
  4. If you have a plane to catch the next morning and need to be able to use your limbs, you’re going to hate your life. (kidding… kinda.)

I kept going back and forth between “is this place a torture chamber or a pit-o-awesome?” Decided that Dungeon is the perfect name because it’s filled with all sorts of great things that you want out of your crossfit experience: Education on new moves, a highly educated coach, strongman exercises, barbell (weight-lifting) clubs, kid-classes, meal of the day suggestions, sweat angels, Torture in the Tropics competitions….(shall I go on????) The only thing missing is Trevor in a face-mask carrying a whip.

Let me back up–

I showed up during Week 1 of strength training. Trevor started the class by calling out some of the members, asking them questions about how they are feeling/what not (great way to know a little more about your community– especially if you’re new!) and then he asked who attended yesterday’s class. Those who did were on “skills duty” and had a handful of skills (butterfly/kipping, double unders, snatches, etc) to work on while the rest of us (read: me + a few others) got to get our asses (read: hammys) beaten to a pulp BEFORE the wod.


He then showed me how to do a proper “GHD”.

“have you ever done a GHD before?”
“I’ve used the machine…..”
“That’s not what I asked. Have you ever done this (shows me)”
“that looks like a hip-extension”
“try it– do this… now this…”
“holy mother of fuuu……”
“yep. you’re doing it right. now do 10 of those, then do a 60% deadlift. Welcome to Strength Training.”

ok… so I did 3 rounds of that. Confession: I cried a little. (In a good way! Honest!) Then we did the wod (which was, surprisingly, easier by comparison.)
4 rounds:
-3 squat cleans (45kg)
-Run 400 meters (avoid crocs!)

the GHD’s have made it into my “I’m going to do these at least 2-3x a week” routine. THANK YOU TREVOR FOR SHOWING THEM TO ME! ❤ ❤ ❤

Moving on– The other cool thing about Dungeon is that they do an annual “Torture in the Tropics” competition. Last year they had 120 (local and non-local) athletes compete (including 4 local ladies who had never done crossfit before!) 5 wods, 150 spectators, tents and all sorts of vendors. Needless to say it was a hit and they plan on doing it all the time (this time in a bigger venue!). I want to come back to watch this in 2014!

Another awesome thing about this box (if I haven’t emphised it enough) is that they have heaps of various classes for EVERYONE.

  • Want to compete in a weight-lifting comp? Take part in the Barbell Club.
  • Want your kid to out-run a croc? They have kid classes!
  • Want to try to lift a car? They have strongman wods.
  • Want to be part of an awesome community where everyone cheers you on and your body glistens like a baywatch model? just join the regular classes. 😛

Honestly, this box is heaps of fun, full of useful/amazing education/knowledge, have some of the nicest athletes I’ve had the pleasure of working out with AND it kicked my ass(hammies). Good on ya, mate. It was an absolute pleasure!

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