Infinity Fitness (Tipp City Crossfit) Tipp City, Ohio USA

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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I’ve been to Infinity before as it is owned by an old High School friend of mine. I actually really like this box. It has the perfect mix of “hard-core workouts” and “the friendly place that you go where everyone knows (or wants to know) your name”.

I decided to go here to workout with my dad and ask Heather Lyons about Infinity. What makes them different (besides location/name/etc) and the normal questions that I ask… She completely surprised me when she said “well, we’re a corporate box.”
“This is a sister location of Regal Crossfit which is a corporate box.”
“What do you mean by that?”

Apparently, Regal is located with-in the Regal Beloit corporation which helps the company grow in multiple ways:
1) Their health insurance premiums go down by offering crossfit to their employees.
2) When normally the president of the company wouldn’t talk to a floor-worker, they do now! Everyone has a team mentality and works together better than they could have ever imagined.
3) There is a mutual enemy– and her name is Fran.

Other things that make Infinity different is that on Monday I learned how to link my double-unders. Something that I’ve been working on for ….oh….2 years. It just takes practice and a good musical beat, apparently!


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