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Posted: August 5, 2013 in Ex-er...size?
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My birthday is coming up. I’m going to be thirty(coughcough..something). My flatmate was playing an amazing 80’s playlist and it gave me the idea to have the top song of the year for the past thirty(coughcough…something) years. Then I thought to put them in order and change every minute, on the minute, so I could do a birthday-wod.


(Why yes I have a big brain and yes I went to college and yes I’m single and gorgeous and talented with audio-post-production. Thankyouverymuch!)


So here ya go: My birthday-playlist. Complete with pictures of thirty(coughcough..something) boxes that I’ve been to during my travels. Do this with me on August 24th!



Every Minute On the Minute (or whenever the bell dings):

  • 5 pullups
  • 10 pushups
  • 15 squats


LN:  (or… my modified one since I couldn’t make it to the box today)

  • 3 HSPU
  • 10 situps
  • 15 squats


  1. Leib Lurie says:

    Is there a real playlist- or just a comment thinking about one?

    • lnlurie says:

      It’s a real playlist- either click on the link– or… here is the list:
      Eye of the Tiger (survivor)
      Africa (toto)
      Footloose (i have an acapella version from college)
      Take On Me (a-ha)
      Kiss (prince)
      Bad (MJ)
      Never gonna give you up (oh yea… rick-rolled!)
      We Didn’t Start The Fire (Billy Joel)
      Ice Ice Baby (1990! I totes had a dance to this when I was 8….)
      Baby Got Back (sir mix-o-lot)
      I’ll do anything for love (but I won’t do that) (meatloaf)
      I saw the sign (ace of base)
      Gangsta’s paradise
      Macarena (true story: This song saved my life in ecuador)
      Mmmbop (another true story: The oldest hanson brother went to berklee in 2003).
      One Week
      Smooth (santana)
      Music (madonna)
      Fallin’ (alicia Keys… I was listening to this song when I found out about 9-11…. ironic much?)
      Lose Yourself (enimem)
      Hey Ya (outkast… I hate this song.. but I only listened to country this year and totally ignored all radio….)
      Yeah! (usher)
      Gold Digger
      Live your Life (true story– I didn’t know this song existed until about a year ago).
      Just Dance
      Like a G6 (I’m really really good at this song on Dance Central)
      Rolling in the Deep
      Somebody that I used to Know (I have a skrillex re-mix of this… seemed appro)
      Thrift Shop

  2. […] been making playlists like crazy lately in prep for my trip to S.E. Asia. One of them is a “top thirty(coughcoughsomething)” list of top songs for the past thirty…. Not listed on that list (but I added later) was the song “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody […]

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