Everybody Dance Now

Posted: August 7, 2013 in ADVENTURE STORIES!, TRAVEL
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I’ve been making playlists like crazy lately in prep for my trip to S.E. Asia. One of them is a “top thirty(coughcoughsomething)” list of top songs for the past thirty(coughcoughsomething) years. Not listed on that list (but I added later) was the song “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” By C+C Music Factory. I just wanted to point out that the 90’s was an amazing era of music. Funk music. Synthesizers. Simple melodies. Dance music that everyone knows…. Sigh. I miss the 90’s.



So flash forward to me trying to get to a RENT! performance (I’m the light-board operator). The Melbourne Metro decided it would be a great idea to close down some train lines for “maintenance” and re-route with buses. So, here is a whole train of people crammed onto a bus. It’s pissing rain and everyone is kinda pissed/miserable because of the whole situation/unexpected delays/etc. I’m trying to ward off my anxiety for being late by listening to the WHOLE ALBUM (yes, they had a whole album) of C+C Music Factory. I’m jamming out while all these people behind me are getting irritated at the whole situation.

Apparently I’m full-on dancing. Grooving in the isle of the crowded bus and just getting totally down with what’s blaring in my ipod. Someone taps me on the shoulder and asks “what are you listening to?” and I scream:

“EVERY BODY DANCE NOW! dun…dun.dundundun… dun.. dundundun… dundun.” and continue to groove.


Yes. I’m *THAT* person.


Note: this is the best part about traveling. The amount of people that you meet again after doing something like this is, like, .01%. And if you do meet them again, they become a friend for life.


What was awesome is that the whole mood of the train changed. Everyone started dancing/giggling/laughing instead of being pissy about the situation. Some commented that I should listen to “heaps good music like Akka Dakka” (translation to English: “You should listen to AC/DC because they are better”) but, mostly, the bus was in a better mood for the rest of the trip.


The moral of the story: You should ALWAYS dance like nobody’s watching on crowded buses to amazing 90’s music.


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