How to open a can without a can opener

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Z0mB!eZ
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I’m an intern at Red Cross Disaster Services. I was tasked to giving a presentation on “Disaster Prep” to a company.

“Ok! No problem! Can I center the whole talk around the zombie apocalypse?” I just get eye-rolls from the non-believers/skeptics. My supervisor says that she will email me the powerpoint that I should update/use.

In the power point, to my surprise, is a link to the following:

“Don’t use this link- as the language and quality is bad. But it’s useful information!”

I already knew this, as I actually had to use this trick multiple times in the Philippines. I first started searching for this when I watched “The Pianist” (I think that was the movie) where a guy is in hiding and can’t open a can of peaches.

What I’m trying to say is: This trick saves lives.

  1. Rebecca Lurie says:

    When I first heard that the tin can was invented before the can opener, I wondered how they marketed the first without the next? Necessity is the mother of invention! But inventiveness is the source for every solution!
    thanks for this tip. Love it

  2. owlchick says:

    Those Crazy Russians! Once I watched it, I totally got why it would work. Really practical advice! Thanks for sharing, LN, and may you always have a can opener. 🙂

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