ep04. A local bar story on Impalila Island, Namibia

Posted: August 20, 2014 in Podcast
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A tiny island, the size of manhattan, is home to 4,000 villagers. I wanted to go to the local drinking hole.

Glad I didn’t.


WARNING: it gets graphic around min 5. 


Things I learned (didn’t record): It’s amazing how just a little push will empower people. Everyone wants to feel useful. If you don’t have that feeling, then you find yourself filling your life with useless crap. (drinking, arguing, pictures of cats….) I wonder what would happen if more options of careers were given to those people. Would they enjoy life more? Would there be more or less crimes? How would it change their culture or life? I don’t know the answer to this, sadly, but I find myself wondering if this thought is a “white-first-world thought” or if it’s an ACTUAL (potential) solution.

Maybe time will tell.



(Thanks to Dexter Britain for the music)

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  1. Leib Lurie says:

    Attached is a picture of several members of the church- coming back home after the funeral. They wear Œchurch uniforms¹ – not necessarily choir robes- but all women aspire to wear their Œchurch garb/uniform for services. They may only have two outfits.

    Other pictures are of mud huts, stone house with satellite dish and family, and kids playing soccer with a ball made out of balled up plastic trash.

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