Be a part of my adventure!

The ultimate interactive experience! Consider me a doll… a puppet that you get to manipulate. Just like what you wanted to do with your younger sibling- but this time for-reals!

Before my mid-mid-life crisis I used to work in games where I was the developer telling you, the gamer, what to do and how to have fun. Now I’m turning it around.

I’m planning on going around the world.

  • 13 months,
  • 36 countries,
  • 6 continents,
  • 52,000 miles.

I want you to tell me what to do.

Here- watch this:
I have a bucket list already, but I would love more input!
If you want to be part of my adventure, click DONATE and comment/email me (lnisme13-gofundme at yahoo dot com) and tell me what to do.
People that donate will receive the following: 
    1. The chance to tell me to do something weird/crazy/unusual. (eat something gross? do something crazy? you name it.)
    2. A dedicated blog-post (with picture and/or video) of me doing ^^^
    3. Emails whenever I update my blog
    4. Postcards and/or gifts (depending on lots of factors… Like how good the post is in that country).
    5. My eternal love and gratitude! (My cat is jealous already)
Think creatively. Nothing is off-limits except flesh-eating bacteria and snakes. Everything else is fair game!
  1. becky says:

    I want to stay posted and listen and watch and maybe comment. But do I have to have a new login?

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