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Dec 23rd, Leon, Nicaragua

Dear Mom,

I went volcano sledding. Hold on, let me repeat that for you. I SLEDDED DOWN A VOLCANO! Yep. new sport. Basically, you hike (30 min) up the side of the youngest (and most active) volcano in all of central america (Cerro Negro) with a make-shift toboggan (basically a board with a piece of PVC pipe on the front and a piece of formica board on the back), change into an orange jumpsuit (“for protection”), take a deep breath and sled down.

The “ash” is basically fish-gravel (but black, smelly and hot). The sun was beating down on us and most people were still hungover from the night before (the Big Foot Hostel had a huge party the night before with free drinks and a lot of beer pong). The sunset was breathtaking and the thrill of going 70+km on a piece of wood (DOWN A VOLCANO) is totally worth the price of admission (25$– plus you get 2 free mojitos… If you survive).

The only scary thing was the potential of the mountain spewing at any minute. Other than that- it is just a great story and bucket-list item. Not to mention that Leon, Nicaragua is probably one of the safest and cleanest cities I’ve been to yet in all of Central America. Totally worth a visit.

Dec 24th, Isla Los Brasiles, North of Poneloya, Leon, Nicaragua

Dear Mom,

The Hostel had a special where they drove you to the beach for the day and then they provided an all-you-can-stuff x-mas dinner with an open bar. I gladly paid the 25$ and laid on the beach and did absolutely nothing. To say this is paradise is an understatement. Except for the 15 people that were included in the special, the beach was deserted. It was actually a sea-turtle sanctuary (Nicaraguans will scour the beaches in search for the eggs, dig them up, and sell them on the black market. This organization buys the eggs back from them, hatches them as best as they can and releases them back into the wild.) So after a very hectic day of laying on the beach, sunbathing and playing in the bath-water-temperature ocean, I decided to be productive and save some sea turtles before going back to the hostel for an amazing dinner that didn’t disappoint! 🙂

Dec 28th, San Jose, Costa Rica (Zapote)

Dear Mom,

I went to see a bull fight today at the “Annual Festival”. The whole area was set up with carnival rides, beer and food tents, and a huge stadium that holds (maybe) 5K. The seats are, well, ok–there are no seats. More just like platforms. In the center is a dirt pit and a “moat-like area” that holds all the people (out of reach of the bull).

My (crazy) friends were in the moat until it was their turn to jump into the pit with the bull. No one, sadly, was able to explain to me why this stuff happens– except it’s like Central America’s version of Hockey…. You wait for the blood to show up and then you get all excited and really pay attention.

I should note, though, that my friends got a t-shirt and admission (and the best seats in the house)– and I had to pay 30$USD for a semi-crappy seat. So I think they got the better bargain. (Remember: Risking your life sometimes pays off!)

Would I have jumped in as well? ABSOLUTELY! But someone had to take the pictures.

That’s all for this week, Mom… I hope you didn’t have a heart attack from this.



My friend Suzanne and I went to Italy recently. This isn’t part of my RTW trip– more of a recon mission to

a) see if all my international devices worked

b) carb-up on delicious food before I left to eat who-knows-what for a year+.

c) hang out with Suzanne one last time before I left.

It was a huge success! 🙂 Here are some of the highlights:

The first night we get into Monterossa (part of the Cinque Terre). She had been there before and found us a nice room with a fridge and! STOCKED WITH PROSECCO! *score*

We pop open the bottle and proceed to drink, uh.. a lot. I can’t remember how many bottles we had but it was a lot. After visiting with her friend (who helped us with the room) we went skinny dipping in the Mediterranean. 😀

*ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: went skinny dipping in the mediterranean*


The other highlight (besides all the amazing food and culture and life and being on “italian time” (which is WAY different than American time) was in Rome. Suzanne and I were trying to find a club. We ventured out and found a bar with free wifi and, of course, prosecco. We ordered a bottle and got our bearings. Ordered a cab and went to the club district. The cab-ride over there was amazing! Every turn was a famous statue followed by ancient ruins followed by a beautiful church and then BAM! HELLO COLOSSEUM! Absolutely stunning. (especially in the dark). The cab driver dropped us off and we picked a random club (called Alibi).

It was, apparently, gay-night that night. Not that we noticed or cared. We danced our butts off until about 5:30am and got back to our room right in time to have a delicious pastry and cappicino and watched the sunrise. Just in time to go to bed. Image

Overall- I love and miss Italy greatly. I will return someday… soon.