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Last night I¬†went swing dancing with a friend- a hobby that I used to enjoy quite often. As Leeds spun me around, he asked the niceities: “What’s your name?” and “what do you do?”

The whole experience brought back amazing memories- one being that I would introduce myself to each new dance partner with a different name and story (because my real story bored me).

“Hello. I’m Susan. I’m a receptionist”

“Hello, I’m Mary. I work in HR.”

“Hello. I’m Kate. I’m a musician.”

None of the above got any sort of response! I WONDER WHY!? So I started going bigger.

“Howdy, I’m Jill. I’m new here- I live in Australia where I see Nemo all the time.”

“Hi! I’m Cathy. I just climbed Machu Picchu.”

“Sup? I’m Samantha. I’ve ridden an elephant. No. That’s not a euphemism.”

Confession: I was (am?) a little extreme/out of control at times. During this exercise I would spend all week thinking up different lies. Perfecting the stories that I’ve already created based on the questions that people asked me. Then I started using my own (real) name. Then I realized how stupid (sorry, Deva)¬†I was because I lived a lie.

So a bucket list was created. And then carried out.

As Leeds and I kick up our heels to the Charleston, I think back to the last time I danced like this (at the Bogo “morale event” 10 days post-typhoon) and smile. Leeds asks me if I’ve been to Korea- and I tell him “No. But North Korea is in 2016.”

And my bucket list gets longer.

Moral of the story: As the cliche goes: “fake it until you make it”.


Bucket List

Posted: July 27, 2012 in TRAVEL
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In no particular order……

  • Go to a night club in Moscow
  • Go to a karaoke bar in cambodia
  • Tour to Jordan (where they filmed Indy jones)
  • See the cameras -Galloway?
  • See the natural rock pools -Turkey
  • Learn to surf in nicragua (San Juan del sur)
  • Go to Lake Atitlan -Guatemala
  • Have an audience with the pope -Italy
  • See the colosseum -Italy
  • See the Panama Canal
  • Visit a Macaw reserve -Honduras
  • District 6 tour -Cape town
  • Robbin island tour -Cape town
  • Okinawa aquarium -Japan
  • Great wall of china
  • See the petroglyphs in¬†Nicaragua
  • Vera’s beach resort -Cook islands
  • Montana winery -New Zealand
  • Sit in the baths in Ecuador
  • Hike the Inca Trail
  • Swim in the dead sea
  • Eat catfish
  • Eat horse
  • Feed baby elephants in Elizabeth Town – south africa
  • Eat curried goat
  • Hang-glide off Victoria Falls
  • See the¬†Ngorongoro Crater -kenya
  • Eat snake (evil creatures).
  • Wrote 3 paragraphs w/ left hand
  • Be part of a flash mob
  • Goto carbival (Brazil’s mardigras)
  • Try real absenthe
  • Fly on a trapeze
  • See the Kremlin
  • See a real statue of Lenin (compare with Seattle one)
  • Ride an elephant
  • Go deep-sea cave diving
  • Ride a camel (go camel racing?)
  • Save a sea turtle
  • Make kolaches from scratch
  • Visit the Forbidden City -China
  • Cross every bridge in manhattan by foot
  • Visit “before I die” wall in Brooklyn
  • Get stung by a bee
  • Visit TińĀn’ńĀnm√©n Square -China
  • Be able to eat really spicy food
  • Ride a bike 100 miles (in a day)
  • Witness a big cat hunting prey.
  • Jump a hurdle while riding a horse
  • See a movie in Spanish and understand it
  • Buy a cigar in Zanzibar
  • Experience monsoon season first hand
  • Swim in devils pond (DONATION ACCEPTED BY WILL V.)
  • See the Serengeti Mirgration
  • Do the birth-rite tour in Israel
  • Ride the tran-siberian railroad
  • Meditate w/ monks
  • Box a Kangaroo. (ok- not really. But see one in it’s natural environment)
  • eat kangaroo
  • Teach a dog new tricks (literally)
  • Hike the inca trail
  • Fix up/re-model a house
  • See the Shire -New Zealand
  • Ride a boat and don’t get sick
  • Teach a Crossfit class in a foreign country.
  • Drink yak milk alcohol
  • Run a marathon in a foreign country.
  • Visit all 50 states
  • Learn to lock pick
  • Do a 1-handed handstand
  • Hold a handstand for 5 min
  • Do a muscle up
  • See lava
  • Hike mt Kilimanjaro
  • Bungie jump off Macau tower -Hong kong
  • Swim w dolphins
  • Swim with Sharks = cape town
  • Eat a real Vegemite sandwich -Australia (Toasted, w cheese)
  • Drink vodka in Russia (Learn the proper way)
  • Scuba¬†Great barrier reef (Townsville?)

What should I add??????????

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