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Imagine a world where:

  • Minimum wage is 15$ an hour.
  • The government pays you to have children. (baby bonus)
  • The government also pays you to go to school (college/uni). (ok… It’s not entirely free… But they front a lot of money. Imagine a world where there is no 70K in debt after you graduate!)
  • Where full-time workers get 4 weeks (paid) time off and 2 weeks sick. (Also, after 10 years at that company, they get 6 months sabbatical)… The best part of this is that during your time off you are still accruing time off. *BONUS*
  • Farmers get paid WELL for growing food. (and the pickers are foreign kids who want to live in the country so they can travel)
  • Health care is almost 100% free for the “basics”. Private health insurance is also available. I once over-heard “I had to pay 700$ for my stomach operation.” (I remember paying 750$ for the doctor to write a script for my ear infection….)
  • Imagine a world where if you choose to drink/smoke ciggs, those items are taxed and the money is spent on the country’s healthcare.
  • A world where “the most traumatic situation that happened was a massacre of 35, 20 injured”. Whoop-ti-do.
  • There is no preservatives hormones in the food. Everything is natural and tastes SO MUCH BETTER! (I never used to drink milk… Here I can’t get enough.)
  • With that said- the coffee here/coffee house mentality is better than Seattle. Yep. I just said it. It’s true. The coffee here is MAYBE on par with Italian coffees.
  • Imagine living in a city where the public transport is well kept, never smells like piss/vomit, runs 98% on time and is efficient.

Imagine a world where you don’t have problems with immigrants because they are all welcome with open arms! A world where you can simply fill out a form, pay a bit of money and POOF! You’re welcome to come into the country and work/live! No “show me your papers!” No “GET OUT OF HERE, YOU ILLEGAL!” (of course, everyone complains about immigrants no matter what country you’re in… But imagine a world where it’s fairly easy to get in… Especially if you lived 200 years ago and have a criminal record!)

Imagine a world where you want to learn something– (sewing classes, swing dancing, spanish lessons, musical theater, under-water-basket weaving…) there is a community waiting for you to welcome you into their pod with open arms.

Oh wait… I don’t have to imagine this world. It exists. It’s called Australia.

Costa Rica (zombie survival) 41/70

The last time I was in Costa Rica was about 10 years ago with my family. A lot has changed since then. I don’t remember many details from that time (like what currency we used, how much things cost, etc) but I remember the people and the lack of “American things”.

Currently, Costa Rica is the new home to Ex-pats. With a McDonalds on every corner and a Starbucks on every other corner and people always in a rush to get somewhere (except to work), Costa Rica reminded me of an expensive Miami, Florida. In fact, I blew through more of my budget here than anywhere else in Central America—which makes my insides hurt. Why is a third world country so expensive? The mystery remains.

With all this said, this trip I stayed mostly in the middle (San Jose area) and hardly did any “toursty” things. Instead, I lived vicariously through other travelers who had more income than myself.

Overall, Costa Rica, in terms of the Zombie Apocalypse, would be a decent location to hole up. There is a crap-ton of fertile/plot-able land, lots of new highways being built along with anything commercial that you are missing in your life.


Costa Rica really only has 2 seasons. Wet and dry. This means that they don’t have harsh winters or any weird/crazy climate issues. The dry season can get quite warm, but nothing too terrible. The wet season is where it rains every day for a few hours (apparently you can set your clock by this) and replenishes the land. Costa Rica also has a lot of mountains, rainforest and beaches— so if you’re sick of one thing, drive 30 minutes in any direction and the climate will change drastically.

WATER: 7/10

The city water is drinkable, but has a funny taste. I found this in a lot of locations, but it wasn’t harmful- just a little “chemically”. (Not chlorine, it’s something else. Bromine, maybe?) Aside from this, depending on where you are, the rain water (during the wet season) may or may not be enough to carry you through the whole year. Finding a river to do your washing may be the best option.

LODGING:  7/10

The houses vary depending on the class of person you are squatting from. There are mansions, simple “duplexes” (made out of concrete), shacks, etc. Also, it depends on where you are in the country. Because the climate range is so huge throughout all of Costa Rica, your housing could vary.

Almost all are water-resistant. None of them have heat (don’t really need it), nor are they insulated. This could pose a potential problem, depending on the apocalypse.

FOOD:  8/10

Costa Rica grows a lot of the typical Central American agriculture that one can find. There is also no lack of coffee here. (Picking it can be gruesome/tiresome… Maybe you can hire some zombies to pick/roast your coffee for you?) There seemed to be no lack of food in the markets except for spices (which is common around here). The only surprising thing was the lack of green in the city. Not a lot of people had personal gardens (that I saw/experienced).


This is where Costa Rica kinda fails. I didn’t see a single “super store”… For anything. I found a lot of strip-mall-like things. A lot of people had guns, a lot of people had stuff- but it seemed that they had to go to many stores to get said stuff. A little inefficient, but it works for them. Will it work in the Zombie Apocalypse? Perhaps not.


Mosquitos, fleas, flies… the typical dangers that anyone has anywhere. Malaria exists- but I didn’t meet anyone who has known anyone personally who has gotten it.

Also, as far as I know, there are no natural disasters in this area. (some earthquakes, but nothing terrible, they have a lot of volcanoes, but most are dormant/not threatening if you plan properly. No hurricanes or big storms or anything like that.

LOCALS: 4/10

For me, the locals ranged from Ricos to Ex-Pats. So keep this in mind when the apocalypse happens. Both know the value of their land and both know that you (as a tourist) have money and are there to spend that money. So don’t be surprised if you meet a zombie that has their hand out wanting coins for something.