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Last night I went swing dancing with a friend- a hobby that I used to enjoy quite often. As Leeds spun me around, he asked the niceities: “What’s your name?” and “what do you do?”

The whole experience brought back amazing memories- one being that I would introduce myself to each new dance partner with a different name and story (because my real story bored me).

“Hello. I’m Susan. I’m a receptionist”

“Hello, I’m Mary. I work in HR.”

“Hello. I’m Kate. I’m a musician.”

None of the above got any sort of response! I WONDER WHY!? So I started going bigger.

“Howdy, I’m Jill. I’m new here- I live in Australia where I see Nemo all the time.”

“Hi! I’m Cathy. I just climbed Machu Picchu.”

“Sup? I’m Samantha. I’ve ridden an elephant. No. That’s not a euphemism.”

Confession: I was (am?) a little extreme/out of control at times. During this exercise I would spend all week thinking up different lies. Perfecting the stories that I’ve already created based on the questions that people asked me. Then I started using my own (real) name. Then I realized how stupid (sorry, Deva) I was because I lived a lie.

So a bucket list was created. And then carried out.

As Leeds and I kick up our heels to the Charleston, I think back to the last time I danced like this (at the Bogo “morale event” 10 days post-typhoon) and smile. Leeds asks me if I’ve been to Korea- and I tell him “No. But North Korea is in 2016.”

And my bucket list gets longer.

Moral of the story: As the cliche goes: “fake it until you make it”.


ep.03 Elephant Culling

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Podcast
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African elephants used to be endangered. Now they are protected and their numbers are climbing- but as their numbers climb, so does the number of farms they devistate. Since 60% of southern african citizens depend on their farms and land for survival, this poses a big problem.

So what do you do?


I discuss the various culling techniques that have been used/put in play and their outcomes.


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ep2. Baby Elephant

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Podcast
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My family and I watch a family of elephants spray dirt and water on each other. Then a lion roars and they need to leave….. but run into trouble.


Thanks to Leib Lurie, Barb Lurie and Josh Lurie for being the voice of this. Also, thanks to Black Twig Pickers and Steve Gunn for their music contribution.
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