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So let’s talk about bug bites, shall we?

When you’re outside in grassy areas, you may get the occasional mosquito bite. Hell, you may even get “eaten alive” by mosquitos and- sometimes- even spiders.

In Central America bug bites are a way of life. The Eskimos have something like 42 words for snow… The locals (currently in Guatemala) have 20+ kinds of bug bite symptoms and all sorts of words for them:

  • “the one that oozes pus”
  • “the white mound with a blood dot.”
  • “the scabby blood one”
  • “the pus one- but it coagulates”
  • “the poison-rash”
  • “the venomous bite”
  • “slightly blue or green”
  • “pale to pink when you touch it.”
  • “suuuuper itchy and the bumps are in unspeakable places.”
  • “red and strong swelling”
  • “puffy, oozy and smelly”
  • “red and puffy, but not itchy”
  • “red and white and really itchy”
  • “it feels like a needle is caught in your blood and it’s trying to get out” (this is actually a parasite that IS in your blood/skin and trying to get out.)

    Some phrases that have been uttered lately:

  • “I want to cut my ___ off and respawn another.”
  • “I would rather have 100 tick bites that this.”
  • “if a tarantula bit me right now, he would die from ingesting poison/venom from all these oozy ones.”
  • “is it true that if you sunburn on top of bites they feel better?” (yes)
  • “pica! Pica! Pica!!!!”