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Located off Campbell and Riley in a 3-car garage, ETS is a for-reals garage box. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that they are somehow lesser— the coaches spend a lot of time breaking down every lift/exercise into it’s fundamental movement (see picture) and not allowing anyone to continue until they are able to, effortlessly, complete that movement.

Even the warm-up is based on functional movements and mobility. Dynamic stretches and emphasizing core strength and mobility from the start. A fun new stretch I learned is called “Russian Baby Maker”– which is kinda like a cave-man squat, but stretching the inside of your thighs. It requires demonstration that I’m too sore to do right now.

After warm-up, Coach Luke goes through the Wod with the group, having everyone demo their abilities, correcting when necessary and telling vocal cues to listen for during the wod.

Example: I actually learned that there are 2 ways of “shoulder shrugging” today. One when you are doing Hand-Stand-Pushups and a different one when you are lifting a bar over-head. It didn’t make my time any better- but it’s a technique that will, later, allow me to lift more weight overhead with more core strength and less possibility for injury! BONUS!

The wod was one of Luke’s favorites:
9 rounds for time:
3 squat-clean-thrusters (heavy weight)
5 hand-stand pushups
7 pull ups
15 double-unders

every 3rd round, run 400 meters.
21 min cap.

The class sizes are small (for now) so you would get some great 1:1 time with the coach which makes it great to practice/perfect a movement that you are struggling with. I highly recommend this box to anyone doing a tour of the Sydney area!


First off, this is my 25th crossfit that I’ve visited! šŸ™‚

Second, this is also the gym that taught me how to do “butterfly pullups”. Here is a good video that shows this.
(For reference– here is a “kipping pullup” which is slower and not as efficient, but good for beginners.)

There are a lot of tutorials online, but that would be selling Crossfit Pocuro short. The teaching method was simple and one that I will be adopting later in life:

1) See what your client can do
2) have them try/do 3… then rest. During this rest, we talk about what can be done better and what should be tried next.
3) rinse and repeat until success/exhaustion.


Pocuro is set up so it’s a giant open gym. No real classes, but the coach is there to help/encourage you with whatever skill/wod you want to do at that time/day. They have “suggested wods” on the board- but if you feel like working on a skill or just cardio, all of that is possible. They are unsure if it will continue this way with the more clients/athletes that come through the door, but so far (in their 5 months of being open) it’s worked out well.

I also took advantage of Santiago being at Sea-level. A few weeks before this I was in Cusco and did 13.2Ā . I only got 137 reps.Ā Pathetic, but a good bench mark for being 3600 meters above sea-level. I did it again in Santiago, a week later, and got 213. (woot!)

I also did 12.1Ā when I was 4900 meters above sea-level (65) then again in Santiago (87). The moral of this story is that oxygen is awesome and should never be taken for granted!


Anyway– if you want personal coaching time with a gym thatĀ specializesĀ in gymnastic/body movement, go to Pocuro. The patience,Ā athleticismĀ and multiple teaching methods will blow your mind.