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Located off Campbell and Riley in a 3-car garage, ETS is a for-reals garage box. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that they are somehow lesser— the coaches spend a lot of time breaking down every lift/exercise into it’s fundamental movement (see picture) and not allowing anyone to continue until they are able to, effortlessly, complete that movement.

Even the warm-up is based on functional movements and mobility. Dynamic stretches and emphasizing core strength and mobility from the start. A fun new stretch I learned is called “Russian Baby Maker”– which is kinda like a cave-man squat, but stretching the inside of your thighs. It requires demonstration that I’m too sore to do right now.

After warm-up, Coach Luke goes through the Wod with the group, having everyone demo their abilities, correcting when necessary and telling vocal cues to listen for during the wod.

Example: I actually learned that there are 2 ways of “shoulder shrugging” today. One when you are doing Hand-Stand-Pushups and a different one when you are lifting a bar over-head. It didn’t make my time any better- but it’s a technique that will, later, allow me to lift more weight overhead with more core strength and less possibility for injury! BONUS!

The wod was one of Luke’s favorites:
9 rounds for time:
3 squat-clean-thrusters (heavy weight)
5 hand-stand pushups
7 pull ups
15 double-unders

every 3rd round, run 400 meters.
21 min cap.

The class sizes are small (for now) so you would get some great 1:1 time with the coach which makes it great to practice/perfect a movement that you are struggling with. I highly recommend this box to anyone doing a tour of the Sydney area!