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I got to 3000 early just to make sure I got the right place. The box is located in an industrial-like area which means that this place has

a) great parking and

b) a HUGE space. 

The coach, Chelsea, made me feel welcome, introduced me to the class and we got started on the warmup (which had burpees in it… guh) and the Skill (which was front squats). I wouldn’t complain about either, except my legs were killing me from the day before (thrusters) and from the 5-mile walk I just accomplished in getting there (my fault).¬†

 After that, the WOD was pretty easy. 3 rounds of 15m Walking lunges, 50 squats and 25 supermans. 

The wod was totally manageable. The class was surprisingly big for being a lunch-time class, but this box’s¬†specialty¬†is that they have a huge range of people (as far as athletic ability). Either which way, you won’t feel like you are left out/left behind and you also have enough people around you to keep you challenged. It’s a really nice mix.¬†


Located off Campbell and Riley in a 3-car garage, ETS is a for-reals garage box. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that they are somehow lesser— the coaches spend a lot of time breaking down every lift/exercise into it’s fundamental movement (see picture) and not allowing anyone to continue until they are able to, effortlessly, complete that movement.

Even the warm-up is based on functional movements and mobility. Dynamic stretches and emphasizing core strength and mobility from the start. A fun new stretch I learned is called “Russian Baby Maker”– which is kinda like a cave-man squat, but stretching the inside of your thighs. It requires demonstration that I’m too sore to do right now.

After warm-up, Coach Luke goes through the Wod with the group, having everyone demo their abilities, correcting when necessary and telling vocal cues to listen for during the wod.

Example: I actually learned that there are 2 ways of “shoulder shrugging” today. One when you are doing Hand-Stand-Pushups and a different one when you are lifting a bar over-head. It didn’t make my time any better- but it’s a technique that will, later, allow me to lift more weight overhead with more core strength and less possibility for injury! BONUS!

The wod was one of Luke’s favorites:
9 rounds for time:
3 squat-clean-thrusters (heavy weight)
5 hand-stand pushups
7 pull ups
15 double-unders

every 3rd round, run 400 meters.
21 min cap.

The class sizes are small (for now) so you would get some great 1:1 time with the coach which makes it great to practice/perfect a movement that you are struggling with. I highly recommend this box to anyone doing a tour of the Sydney area!