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Man! What an adventure!

This episode is : LN’s adventure of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Part 1- “Before the Climb”.

All sorts of anxiety, how I picked the tour company, what questions I asked, packing list, itinerary, my inner thoughts, etc.


Stay tuned for part 2 (the climb!).


Thanks to: (Praise Nyange- owner)

Emma’s Revolution’s song “Kilimanjaro”


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Every time I walk into a room I scan and think of an exit strategy. A lot of times “jumping over this thing and smashing into a window” is the most logical- but what happens after that?¬†


Where will I get food? Where will I get supplies? 


Every time I move to a new city I make analog directions to the nearest costco/walmart (they have guns/food/reinforced doors/gas). But I’m not so sure that exotic places around the world will also have these mammoth stores.¬†


So far, on the top of my list, is this place in Tanzania where you can stay in tree houses. (perfect against zombies!) You can see the¬†Serengeti¬†Migration, pick fruit off trees, live with monkeys… Sounds promising!