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Here is a short-list of everything that is in my backpack.


All of the above is packed into a sports-sack. (so I have a day-sack)



  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste dots
  • condoms (multi-purpose!)
  • vitamins
  • deodorant
  • soap dish (with both conditioner and body soap in it)
  • contacts (year supply)
  • contact case (x2)
  • ear-spoon
  • perfume soild
  • razor (and extra blades)
  • mascara
  • small eye-shadow compact
  • hankies (x2)
  • q-tips
  • Facial Cloths
  • chapstick
  • hair-bands
  • mirror
  • tweezers


  • contact solution
  • castile soap (super high-concentrated soap that is good for everything! including laundry)
  • hair gel
  • Neosporin
  • sunscreen
  • OFF (with deet!)
  • body/face lotion
  • anti-itch cream




What am I missing?



Gifs of knots!

Posted: July 30, 2012 in In My Backpack, TRAVEL
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Gifs of knots!

Wanna know how to tie a bunch of different kinds of knots? (A useful skill for the zombie apocalypse, let me tell ya!)

I was told about the 100-item challenge from a friend who knew a couple who did just this. Sold/got rid of everything and bought a streamline trailer to live.

Since I’m about to live out of a backpack for over a year, I decided that this culling would have to be done in stages.

    1. Get rid of all clothes that don’t fit. (why keep them? They don’t fit now. They certainly won’t fit later, and if they do- I won’t be interested in them later.)
    2. Start consolidating all papers/tax crap/music/DVDs etc and scanning/ripping them so they fit on a harddrive. (I consider 1 harddrive to be 1 item.) sell hard-copies of DVDs and CDs.
    3. Only have 5 pairs of shoes. (I consider a pair of shoes to be 1 item… because 1 shoe is kinda useless by itself). I’m not much of a shoe-girl, but I will have 1 pair of flip-flops/sandals, 1 pair of vibrams, 1 pair of sneakers.
    4. Sell my bed, car, computer, and other big-ticket items that I won’t need for/in a year.
    5. Get used to bar-conditioner (as opposed to liquid) (I have curly hair– and I’m picky about my products. I usually just use conditioner (no shampoo). This is actually pretty awesome the more you use it.

(seed)* grape seed enriched conditioning hair shampoo bar, simply unscented 3.5 oz (99 g)

The next few steps will be harder…. Get rid of all the items that give me memories.

  • The sweatshirt that I got from Woodstock ’99.
  • The handmade picture frame from when I got my first tattoo.
  • My snoopy pajama pants that I’ve worn every xmas since I was 19. (yes, they still fit!)
  • My xbox/kinect/all my games.

“No one said this would be easy… They said it would be worth it.”

this link shows all the amazingly useful ways to use a tampon!

  • kindling/tinder
  • medical bandages
  • water filter
  • straw for water
  • blow tube (to make fire)
  • Wick (for candles)
  • cordage
  • waterproof container (the wrapper) for matches
  • bobber for fishing


Also, according to Orange is the New Black, you can also smuggle/trade contraband in them!

*NOTE: OB tampons won’t work for any of the above. You need the type with the applicator/wrapper.

Skills that you will probably need during the Zombie Apocalypse: 

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Climbing
  • Throwing
  • etc.


Of course, some will say “shooting”, which is also very valid.


What skills do you think you’ll need? Are you preparing?


Kindle book link

I’ve been reading this book for about a week. I never ever want it to end. It’s not a good “going to bed” book because I will constantly disrupt the cat with fits of giggles that will last 30seconds or more.

I only hope that my experience is half this awesome– or I become half as good of a writer during my trip. 🙂

Tony, not only are you incredibly hot-but you’re also my hero. Thank you.

New bag

Posted: February 25, 2012 in In My Backpack, TRAVEL
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I got a new bag from Amazon. Before (when I backpacked across Europe) I had the Rick Steve’s convertible bag. I loved that bag, but wondered if there was something that would be bigger than 2500cu in.

I found one.
The Kelty 90m/L is 5492 cu. in.

It also has all sorts of beams and pockets and stuff that may come in handy.

I tried to fit as much as I could fathom needing:
-6 shirts
-2 pairs of shorts
-2 pairs of pants (planning on getting linen fisherman pants)
-10 days of underware
-pair of flip flops
-pair of shoes (vibrams- yes, they work for hiking)
-2 sports bras
-hoodie (won’t take one, but was curious on space)
-rain coat
-silk long johns (bottom/top)
-toiletry kit (plus first aid kit)
-lunch box (just for space/curiosity)
-bungie chords (fun)

(cat is pictured- and she would totally fit! But she won’t be coming with me, unfortunately) 😦

All of this only took up half the space…………..
Who wants to come with me? 🙂